Conversion Optimization

We'll analyze, click track and split test your website and develop a conversion strategy to increase sales, opt in or phone calls.

When a website gets visitors that is a great sign. However, visitors alone won’t grow your business. Your website must turn those visitors into leads and sales. Increasing the number of visitors that turn into customers is a process called “Conversion Optimization”.

Conversion optimization involves changing various elements of your website to turn more of the traffic into paying customers.

Tracking Visitor Behavior

traffic-analyzeThe first step in conversion optimization is to track current visitors and their behavior on the site. We do this with advanced tracking tools like Google Analytics. This data tells us what matters most based on what pages they are visiting.

In addition to tracking their clicks we can also track more in-depth data. Knowing what they are looking at on the site and how far down they are scrolling helps us to understand what prompts them to buy and what makes them leave the site.

Comparing the data we’ve discovered among each page of your site helps us determine the pages that need optimization the most and which ones are already performing highly.

A/B Split Testing Web Pages

split-testConversion optimization starts with performing and A/B split test. To do this we create two different versions of a web page with minor differences. When a visitor lands on that page they randomly see one of the versions.

Over a short period of time we will know which version has a higher conversion rate and we implement that permanently going forward. Doing this multiple times will allow your site to get the maximum amount of conversions.

It’s important to have a site that matches current design standards, has a functional layout and that the content is formatted properly. This avoids turning off visitors prior to even starting the A/B split test.

Making a site that is user friendly is one of the key factors to improving a website’s performance metrics. When a visitor feels confused on a website they will typically leave rather than take the time to figure out how to use it.

By having a user friendly site that is visually appealing you can grab a visitor’s attention. Once you have their attention the content is what converts them. Having a content strategy to entice action is vital to increase conversions. It’s your content that will encourage them to fall into your sales funnel.

Content is more than just text, having supporting images and videos allows more visitors to relate to the text and helps clarify your products and services. Certain types of people may not even read the text. Having videos and images gives them multiple ways to digest your content.

Lastly, once you have the content and layout of the site properly setup you must have a call to action. Without encouraging the visitor to take the next step they are much more likely to leave your website.

Having a button with a call to action is very effective. This is an important part of the testing process, by changing just one word on the button you can increase conversions dramatically. Which is why testing is vital to your campaign.

Of course it’s not just about the buttons, there must be multiple calls to action throughout the text. Having strong closing statements and adding bold text that stands out can also increase conversions.

Learn From Your Data

marketing-strategyAfter we’ve monitored visitor behavior and made small changes we will begin to notice the effects in the monthly reports. As we compare this data against previous versions of the site, patterns will emerge and we can determine which page performs better.

If we find a change doesn’t perform better we can note that change and try something different. The point is to always be testing and improving.

By tracking multiple data points we can compare it against other companies in your industry or niche as well as the overall industry standards. This also gives you a clear picture of whether your website is performing above or below the norm.

Once the best performing version is determined we can make additional improvements to increase conversions again. This process can repeat continuously always finding more ways to turn visitors into sales.

Small Changes, Big Impact

traffic-conversionsThese small changes may seem unimportant upon first glance however they can mean a dramatic sales increase. By simply improving conversions from 1% to 2% you are effectively DOUBLING your business!

As we monitor the effect these changes are having we can increase the number of pages a visitor views. Each additional page they visit will increase the likelihood of a sale.

Additionally the more time they spend on each page can increase conversions. By monitoring the time on site we can understand if there is something that is causing them to leave. If they are not spending enough time on the site to buy we search out the cause and fix it.

There are a wide variety of factors that can be monitored and improved on a site.

Why Choose Us?

customer-testimonialsTaking the time to do all the tracking and analyzing plus making all the changes can be incredibly valuable to your bottom line. However, most business owners do not have the time to perform these types of tasks. That is where Web Market Pros can help optimize your website for conversions.

Our team of experts has worked with hundreds of websites over the last 10 years. We have the knowledge and experience to understand why people are visiting your website and then leaving, instead of turning in to a sale.

We know the changes that need to be made to turn more visitors from just window shoppers to actual customers. We have perfected this process over the years to give your website the advantage it needs improving the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

You are already working to get additional visitors to the site, why not get the most you can out of each one?

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our team will review your site and help you understand the changes that need to be made to increase your bottom line.

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