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We can help you create an effective social media strategy to engage with your company's followers.

Social media marketing, also known as SMM allows businesses to leverage the massive audiences of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate additional leads and sales.

Potential customers search the internet everyday to locate businesses to purchase products and services; therefore, it's important for your business to be found wherever they're searching.

Social media sites like Google+, Facebook, and Yelp are a growing platform for consumers to find reputable businesses. If you have a following and positive reviews on these sites, you will have a higher chance of converting potential customers.

Having a Social Presence

socmed-campaignEvery business needs to have a social presence. The challenge is picking the right social networks that will benefit your business. Choosing the right one is a vital part of a successful campaign.

Just because a social media site exists doesn’t mean it can be used to strengthen your business. For example, an attorney is typically not going to do well on a site like Pinterest, but a fashion designer can benefit tremendously.

Word of mouth recommendations are the most powerful form of advertising. A recent study by The Nielsen Company found that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online. This is why leveraging eWOM, the digital version of word of mouth can be so powerful.

As people are sharing your content and writing reviews about your business through social media, it can easily become another source of inbound traffic to your website. When visitors are referred from peers or informed of your reputation through reviews, they are more likely to do business with you.

Optimizing for Success

social-signalGenerating leads through referrals is only one of the ways SMM can grow your business. It can also help your SEO campaigns.

The latest data is verifying a theory that social metrics, like number of fans and shares, can impact search engine rankings. We predict this will be an increasing factor over the next few years.

You can gain an advantage over competitors who have not yet adopted Social Media Marketing by keeping up your social presence. This makes catching up with you a huge challenge for your competition.

By keeping your profiles active and sharing interesting information on these social networks you will also increase your brand awareness. Increased brand visibility brings visitors from multiple sources who are already familiar with your positive reputation.

When social networks work together with your website's marketing strategy the results begin to multiply. As time passes, your brand and reputation will spread, increasing leads and sales.

Engaging With Your Community

community-commentingSharing relevant and entertaining content is a great place to start leveraging social media to grow your business, but it doesn’t stop there. It is important to engage with the community that you have built to receive feedback that can be used to improve your business. This provides a two way communication platform between you and your customers, creating a richer customer experience.

As eWOM begins to develop throughout your community, they will share your content with their peers. Sharing articles can be beneficial but what generates buzz is holding contests, running promotions, and informing your community of upcoming sales.

In the past, businesses would have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to run an ad in a local newspaper about a promotion they’re running. Now with a few keystrokes you can put this offer in front of a hungry audience who is ready to buy.

Boosting Brand Recognition

online-brandingOne of the greatest benefits of social media is the ability to truly build your business’s personality. When your business is able to connect with a consumer at a deeper level and establish rapport the sale becomes much easier.

Having an audience is nice, but having a responsive audience is the key to leveraging social media.

When you have an engaged audience it becomes nearly impossible for the competition to steal your customers away. They view you as more of a trusted advisor than just a salesperson. When you're viewed this way, they will begin coming to you with questions that can ultimately lead to sales.

As your business’s brand recognition and brand loyalty continue to develop , you will establish yourself as an industry leader. When you're seen as an industry leader, it makes any form of marketing more effective. People begin to recognize your brand and would rather buy from a business they're familiar with than from a business that is unknown.

Why Choose Us?

customer-testimonialsSocial media marketing has become a standard way of doing business today and there are no signs of it fading away anytime soon. When customers are given a voice and a chance to see what other people just like them are saying, they feel empowered to make a decision.

Our team at Web Market Pros has experience creating and strengthening a social media presence for businesses just like yours. We know how important your online reputation and brand are to you and how to transform your business from where you are currently to becoming an industry leader.

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