Website Content Strategy

Making your site's visitor's experience as seamless as possible is our goal in developing website content.

The same way a massive skyscraper starts with drawing blueprints, so does a great website. The marketing world refers to this as a “website content strategy”. By planning out the content before starting you don’t waste time and energy on unnecessary content.

Each page on your website should be created with a specific purpose. By implementing a strategy that encompasses both SEO and sale conversion the website becomes a lead generation machine.

Writing for the User, Not the Robot

web-crawlerThe search engine algorithms determined who rank at the top by reading each website’s content. In the past, the website that had the keyword the most amount of times was deemed the most knowledgeable and they ranked number one.

This caused websites to have horribly written content in an attempt to manipulate the search results. That strategy created a terrible visitor experience and caused conversion rates plummeted. Just imagine every sentence you read containing the keyword, it becomes unbearable to read.

Fast forward to today and search engines like Google have fine-tuned these algorithms to understand the content. They have begun to read articles like a human. The sites that used to rank highly with junk content a few years ago are gone. They have been replaced by sites with high quality content written for visitors.

Quality content is important, however it’s not the only thing that matters. Internet users in the 21st century expect more than just text. They want to see media rich, visually appealing content such as images, animations and videos.

Having all of these aspects helps them to understand what your business is about. Instead of their eyes glossing over reading a page with just text, they can watch a video. Search engines have realized that visitors enjoy this content and have begun rewarding sites that contain it.

At the same time each page needs to focus it’s main purpose. This is why having a plan prior to creating the content is important. Pages that are built for visitors in research mode should link to and direct visitors to the sales page.

Similarly sales pages need to have as few distractions as possible. Every element of the page needs to be optimized to turn visitors into leads and ultimately sales. The sales pages should not link to research pages that can distract a visitor’s attention.

Most businesses, unless they are a content publisher or news site, should remove ads linking to other websites. A sidebar ad can draw visitors away from your site and to another business’s site. Those ads draw their focus away from your offer and will typically result in lost business.

Your website’s focus needs to be selling your product or service not selling your visitors to another company.

Avoid Duplicate & Spun Content

split-testThe recent Google algorithm updates have added another important aspect, you must use original content. Having high quality content is important but the content must be unique, it cannot be copied from another website.

There is an entire search engine penalty that targets people that steal content from other websites called the “duplicate content” penalty. Meaning that if the search engines see that your website is stealing content from other websites they will either drop your rankings or remove your site entirely.

Lastly low quality, auto generated content known as “spun content” can hurt your rankings. Typically this content results in hard to understand, poor quality articles. The algorithms have caught on to this. Not to mention they will never convert a visitor to a buyer.

Optimizing Key Page Components

seo-tagsThe algorithms used by the search engines assess a wide variety of your website’s factors on your website. For example Google’s algorithm monitors more than 200 factors. However, there are a few that have a larger impact to your website’s rankings.

One of the biggest is the URL of the page. While you cannot change the URL of the homepage you should have SEO friendly URLs for subpages.

This is another area people have attempted to manipulate the search engines. People would purchase an EMD (exact match domain) or PMD (partial match domain). An EMD domain is just the keyword followed by .com and a PMD contains the keyword with another term.

The algorithms understand this practice and are already responding to them. They have added extra safeguards to make these domain harder to rank to discourage this practice. Instead it is more beneficial to have a branded domain name. This helps both, with the search engines and makes your business look professional to potential customers.

The next key component is the title tag of the page. Optimizing this field is a must. By putting the keywords as part of an attention grabbing headline in thefield of your website you will see a nice ranking boost. This also tells visitors what your page is about and helps them understand if it is the page they are looking for.

Lastly is the meta description, this is the description of your page that is hidden in the code. This field is read by the search engines when they crawl your site and what is typically displayed on the SERPs (search engine result page).

Don’t Forget Your Call-to-Action!

touchscreenHaving a CTA (Call-to-Action) on every page will help increase conversion rates. A CTA can be a banner, button, graphic or text prompting the visitor to take an action that moves them through the sales funnel. The action can be to purchase something, opt-in to a mailing list or call your business.

The placement of the CTA is also important. Typically the best place is at the end of a piece of content helping the visitor understand what to do next. Sometimes it make sense to have multiple CTAs throughout long pieces of content.

Each visitor is a little different, some will take action immediately and others will require additional information. That is why it’s so important to have a CTA on each page, as they continue browsing your site they are reminded what to do next.


Why Choose Us?

customer-testimonialsIn the world of digital marketing content is king. Not just for search engines but more importantly for your sales funnel. By having a team of experts on your side, planning out your content strategy and combining it with an SEO strategy.

Our team at Web Market Pros have developed a system to guide this strategy and bring as many leads as possible into your sales funnel. The more leads your business has the more your sales will grow.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your current content, we will discuss areas that you can improve. Then help you create a plan to maximize the traffic you obtain from the search engines while increasing the conversions of those visitors.

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