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Need a fast way to increase visitors and leads to your website? Pay Per Click (PPC) is the best method! Your company can be in front of thousands of potential clients within just a few days of starting a campaign. There is no faster way to get your phone ringing with potential new customers.

PPC is an online advertising model used to drive traffic to a website. A business owner (advertiser) pays a website owner or advertising network (publisher) to advertise on the publisher’s website.

The advertiser is only charged when someone clicks an ad to visit their website. The advertiser is charged based on the competition and value of a keyword.

SOLD to the Highest Bidder

ppcThere are two common methods of determining a price, “flat-rate” and “bid-based”. The flat rate model involves the publisher and advertiser determining a fixed amount that will be paid per click or impression.

The bid-based model allows advertisers to submit bids, whoever has the highest bid will typically have the best ad placement generating the most amount of clicks or impressions. The publishers have complex algorithms to determine the actual price paid, these calculations are made instantly when the ad is displayed.

With this model the actual price the advertiser pays can vary on each click or impression but will not exceed their maximum bid.

Both of these models charge two different ways, either “cost per click” (known as CPC) or “cost per impression” (known as CPM). CPC is what people commonly think of as PPC. The advertiser is paying per click their ad receives. With CPM the advertiser is paying each time their ad is displayed, typically the price is per thousand impressions.

The bid-based model is the most common form of PPC. It is used by the biggest advertising networks including Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Each time a visitor triggers an ad to appear, the publisher’s algorithm will choose the relevant advertiser with the highest bid and show their ad.

When a visitor uses a search engine multiple ads will be shown. Typically the highest bidder will have the top position, the next bidder will take the next spot and so on.

As the publishers run the ads they see patterns of which ads are more popular. They may move an ad with a lower bid to the top spot because it’s getting more clicks, producing increased publisher revenues.

Setting Up Your Campaigns

adwords-champaignThe first step is to find the best keywords for your business. Our team starts with extensive research of your industry to find the keywords that have searches and buyer intent. We compile a portfolio of the best keywords. This list starts large and gets smaller as we continually assess the conversion ratio each keyword provides.

Once the best keywords have been chosen the campaigns will need to be created. The key is to create relevant ads that target specific keywords.

The ad must then direct the visitor to a landing page that is congruent with the ad clicked, maximizing conversions. The landing page needs to have conversion tracking setup properly to understand visitor’s behavior. This data helps expose changes that need to be made to convert more of the visitors to leads.

Over time this data will continually reveal ways to improve the overall campaign performance.

Once the campaigns are setup it’s important to have an initial bid that is a bit conservative. This way you won’t overspend quickly before having a chance to optimize the campaigns for conversions.

Optimizing Your Campaigns

campaign-tweakingAs the campaign runs it will need to be optimized to increase the ROI. The first step will be to tweak the bids to gain the maximum amount of conversions out of each keyword. Being #1 is not necessarily the best option because of the inflated costs of the top spot.

It’s also important to test different variations of the ads. Changing one or two words can increase clicks dramatically which produces additional leads. The better the metrics, like click through rate and quality score, the less the publishers charge to run the ad.

By closely monitoring the performance of each keyword, trends will emerge. Certain keywords will not perform as well as others. By pausing these keywords it will reduce the costs, increasing the campaign’s overall ROI.

Maximize Traffic, Maximize ROI

roiOver time certain keywords will begin to standout because they are generating more conversions than the rest. Once these keywords become clear it’s time to push them to the limits to get the maximum amount of leads.

Each campaign must be continually monitored. As time goes on bids and conversion rates will fluctuate which can lead to wasted advertising dollars. By monitoring and making continuous improvements we are able to maximize your ROI.

It’s not just about monitoring bids. The landing pages, keywords and ads also need to be adjusted. Each element’s effectiveness can change as time goes on.

When visitors see the same ads repeatedly it can cause “banner blindness” which can decreased clicks and conversions. By updating each part of the campaign semi-regularly we can maintain high levels of clicks and conversions.

Why Choose Us?

customer-testimonialsThere is no doubt that pay per click is the fastest way to drive large amounts of traffic and leads to a website. However if an unexperienced advertiser is running the campaign it can quickly lead to large amounts of wasted money.

Which is why it’s so important to hire a team of professionals that has experience running campaigns for a business like yours. We have successfully produced ROI for large international companies as well as small local businesses.

Our team at Web Market Pros has been working with companies just like yours over the last 10 years. We take the time to understand your business as well as your customer’s desires. This allows us to rapidly build successful campaigns that bring new customers through the door quickly and economically.

Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your business by using PPC as well as a number of other effective marketing strategies.

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