Retargeting Advertising

Target previous visitors to your website who already showed interest in your product or service.

Have you ever seen an ad for a product you were looking to purchase but didn’t? This is a newer method of advertising called retargeting.

Retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising where the ads are displayed to consumers based on websites they’ve visited previously. The ads are typically shown when a consumer visits a website and looks at a company or product but doesn’t buy immediately.

The costs are considerably lower and conversions are higher than other methods because these consumers have already shown interest in your company. By retargeting them you are able to increase the conversion of your other marketing efforts.

Retargeting 101

target-audienceThe purpose of retargeting is to bring back the “window shoppers” that may have looked at your products but weren’t quite ready to buy. Many times consumers will have to be exposed to a product or service numerous times to establish trust before they purchase.

With retargeting it creates a non-intrusive avenue to stay in front of the consumer until they make a purchase. Even if they do make a purchase retargeting can be used to market complimentary products or services to them. Also it gives them the perception that your company is very popular since you are advertising on a lot of sites they visit.

The process works by adding a tracking code to your website. When a visitor visits your page it allows you to track their behavior and segment visitors based on the pages they’ve visited. Once they are tagged you will be able to serve relevant ads to them in the future.

This strategy is highly effective because it gives you more time to convert a visitor to a buyer. Since most buyers will not buy the first time they see a product, this allows you to remind them about your product or service.

Where Can You Retarget Your Visitors?

social-signalRetargeting leverages the power of 3rd party ad networks like Google AdSense to show your ad on other websites. The ad networks have relationships with millions of websites owners. This allows your ad to be shown lots of places that consumers hang out, everything from CNN and Fox News to

Recently the retargeting platforms have formed relationships with Facebook and Twitter. This allows your ads to be shown on the feeds of these massive social networks. Giving you more time to regain a consumer’s attention.

You can also retarget visitors on their mobile devices when they are browsing the web or using their favorite apps. Having access to all these mediums gives the consumers plenty of time to become familiar with your brand and products, ultimately increasing conversions.

Segmenting Site Visitors

segmenting-visitorsBy segmenting the visitors based on what pages they visited and products they viewed conversions can be increased. Instead of just showing them a generic ad, you can show them an ad that matches their browsing behavior.

After people have made a purchase it’s important to change the ad they are seeing. When a business continually shows an ad for a product the consumer has already purchased they’re wasting money and can risk annoying the consumer. Fortunately retargeting allows this type of segmentation as well.

The more specific the ads you show the consumer the better your conversions will be. It’s important to show them an ad based around the category of products they viewed or even better the actual item they viewed. The only way to do this is by properly segmenting the visitors to your site.

Bringing Back “Window Shoppers”

e-commerceHistorically staying in front of consumers has been an expensive piece to the advertising puzzle. Paying for billboards, magazine ads and TV commercials that your target audience may never see can quickly become a waste of money. With retargeting you are able to increase brand recognition by only advertising to people that have already shown interest in your products.

Your business quickly becomes an industry leader from the consumer’s perspective. They will continually see your brand across multiple platforms, from websites to mobile apps.

The additional time you have with a perspective buyer allows you to move them from a cold lead to a sale. It has been said that it takes 7 exposures to a brand to obtain credibility, retargeting allows you to do this in a cost effective manner.

Ultimately by retargeting the visitors that have not bought from you the chances of a sale increase dramatically. Then once they have bought you can continue to stay “top of mind” increasing referrals and repeat business.

Why Choose Us?

customer-testimonialsInstead of just losing a visitor when they leave your website, retargeting gives you an efficient method of selling to that lead over and over. It’s vital to hire a company that understands the nuances of retargeting and segmentation to gain the maximum amount of ROI with each campaign.

Our team of experts at Web Market Pros have set up numerous retargeting campaigns that have produced ROI for businesses just like yours. We have the knowledge to successfully segment visitors and achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

Make sure your website doesn’t have leads constantly falling through the cracks. Contact us today to receive a complimentary, no hassle assessment of your current marketing efforts. We will take an in-depth look at all the avenues you are currently using to generate business. Then we will present you with a variety of options to increase traffic, leads and sales from your website.

We are here to grow your business by leveraging retargeting. Contact us today!

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